The results achieved in VER-DI range from a number of competence development initiatives, concepts for outdoor teaching, different analyses, training of voluntary guides, efforts to increase use of local foodstuffs to development of a number activities.

Many of the project activities have an immediate effect while the effects of other activities will show after the project has ended.  It is difficult in advance to predict which activities will deliver the best results and the variety of development paths has turned out to be one of the strengths of the project.

Some of the results have larger development potentials than others and some results contain solutions to basic challenges. The two cycle routes in Norway and Sweden for instance provide the two areas with new possibilities for tapping into existing flow of tourists as the two routes are connected to national cycling routes. In the case of Fegen the cycling routes creates a link to the large coastal tourism.

Read more about some of the most important results and how they were reached in the following. Each result contains a description of the product’s purpose, target group, content, experiences from the proces and economics:

  1. Business development course
  2. Food cooperation Molbordet
  3. Local food on the menu
  4. Around Trillemarka cycle route
  5. Establishment of mountain bike trail
  6. Outdoor and cultural experiences for families
  7. The Key to River Skjern
  8. Product-awareness tour
  9. Schnapps tour at Skarrildhus
  10. Cycling map Fegen
  11. Underwater activity trail
  12. Sales and administration module
  13. Development of local angling tourism
  14. Development of new ski runs
  15. Development of mobile app
  16. Communication course for voluntary enthusiasts
  17. Fegen Inspiration Area
  18. Concept for decentralised communication structure

Outline of the main results (pdf).